About Us


To provide the most efficient & professional reliable repair and services as per international standards. To be preferred service company by delivering high level of customer satisfaction and set a bench mark for the service industry. Continuously strive for improvement to make quality a way of life.

We pride in doing complete electronics repairs. We take all the preventive maintenance procedure when repairing an item. For example after initial repair and replacement of defective components. We examine the surrounding components & circuit section for stress caused by the original failure. Many times are components, that test “GOOD” but our experienced tech knows by the type of failure that they are weakened parts and should be replaced for a through repair job. We some times replace twice as many “GOOD” components as the failure once so you get a complete repair. Our repair carry a defaults 30days warranty unless other wire stated please contact us with any question you may have. We look forward to working with you and getting your defective electronics equipment/ machine running fast as possible.